moldlife process?

HACK® moldlife® process is an innovative, best-in-class digitized system based on statistic experiment planning (Design of Experiment). It provides a comprehensive representation not only of the optimal operating point but also of all effective factors in the injection molding process.

moldlife® process do?

HACK® moldlife® process enables a simple graphical representation of all essential parameters and their interdependency in real-time. The software also provides both optimal operational settings including maintenance periods and complete detailed technical documentation. 

Fully-integrated system capabilities allow this data to be simply transferred to the machines control unit.

moldlife process work?

HACK‘s unique moldlife® process system is a fully-integrated and fully-automated stand-alone system. It requires no installation and can be run from any PC. User-friendly slide controllers allow parameter settings to be individ- ually adjusted to see the immediate changes to the dimensions of the part. A simple way to perfect your process before production.

HACK® moldlife® process is made up of three main elements; the graphical user interface, the database for real time calculation and the plastic injection mold user documentation. 

This fully-integrated control unit calculates adjustments to single process parameters in real time, allowing the resulting part change to be seen immediately. 

At the same time all the relevant information such as maintenance documents, schedules or technical drawings are compared just like a digital handbook.

moldlife process?

HACK® moldlife® process has been conceptualised, developed and is distributed by HACK® Formenbau. The system has simply the best prerequisites for top reliability and support and provides the best digital experience expected from Industry 4.0. 

Moreover, HACK’s second to none expertise is behind the highly innovative moldlife® process system.


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